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The Trinity River Round-Up will Consist of sixteen of the top wakeskaters going head to head in the inaugural wakeskate championships. Riders featured are: Thomas Horrell, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, Brandon Thomas, Reed Hanson, Danny Hampson, Nick Taylor, James Balzer, Matt Manzari, Steve Campbell, Clint Tompkins and fellow Texans Bret Little, Collin Gee, Charlie Hewitt and Bo Parker. You definitely do not want to miss everything going down for the 5000 dollar cash prize.

The Trinity River Round-Up will take place May 1st - May 3rd At Trinity Park in Fort Worth, TX.

www.mayfest.org for more information.

We’re Just Skiing http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/04/were-just-skiing/ http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/04/were-just-skiing/#comments Tue, 07 Apr 2009 23:38:20 +0000 Richie http://blastwakeskatemag.com/?p=119 The 420 crew will be traveling from the Sunshine State west to the Lone Star State and in between with their new project “We’re Just Skiing”.  The all winch film illustrates what is possible behind the ole trusty winch.   Winch riding has continued to contribute to the progressiveness of our sport and is seemingly getting oh so popular.  So many things and places become a reality with the winch that was once, a long time ago, unrideable.  This film will inspire all of us to get after it to gap, slide, or bonk whatever lies in our path.  You owe it to yourself to get to one of these venues to see this film and support our demographic, you won’t be disappointed!


GOT BLAST! http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/03/got-blast/ http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/03/got-blast/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2009 13:34:43 +0000 tampa jimmie http://blastwakeskatemag.com/?p=103 We are putting together a section in the mag. of lifestyle and hanging out shots. Well I want some photos in the mag. of all the guys out there that happen to own an old Blast shirt. One from the contests. So if you have a shot of you wearing one, or can get a shot, email it over to me and you will make history by being in our first issue.

SUMMER SOLSTICE http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/03/summer-solstice/ http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/03/summer-solstice/#comments Wed, 18 Mar 2009 13:37:21 +0000 tampa jimmie http://blastwakeskatemag.com/?p=97 We wanted to let everyone know that we have set a release date for our first issue….June 15! There has been a ton of anticipation and excitement surrounding this project and wakeskaters around the world have been waiting for something like this to come along. We are so stoked to be able to put out a publication that gives our community a voice. The fact is, is our sport has come a long way since Byerly landed that first 3 shuv; more and more we are not just an after thought to wakeboarding. We are a new breed of action sports enthusiasts. We are wakeskaters! And now we will have our own printed magazine. We at Blast will do our part to help promote the sport and its progression, we just need all of you to do the same by keeping the stoke alive and by riding as much as possible. So quit reading this and go out and SHRED!!!

Winchfest Rail Jam http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/03/winchfest-rail-jam/ http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/03/winchfest-rail-jam/#comments Fri, 13 Mar 2009 00:20:52 +0000 T-SCO http://blastwakeskatemag.com/?p=86

Ryan Light of Variable Existence has come through big with a video from the 1st annual Whinchskatefest. Enjoy as some of the best wakeskaters around took advantage of the variety in this course. Ryan’s smooth video effects and transitions along with a classic Geto Boys track captures the laid-back lifestyle of this event. In the end, Jarret Cofer took the top spot in the amateur division with Mitchell Cobb and Mike McAndrew finishing second and third respectively. Jarret seems to be on a roll ever since taking over the First Oklahoma Mudslide in September. In the pro division Josh Kirby came out on top with Bret Little finishing second and Blake Steel in third. Look out for more from these riders as well as more of Ryan’s videos on BLAST.

Progression in motion… http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/02/progression-in-motion/ http://blastwakeskatemag.com/news/2009/02/progression-in-motion/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2009 16:34:51 +0000 Richie http://blastwakeskatemag.com/?p=40 Well, here we are… Fashionably late as you could imagine, hey we’re wakeskaters too…Please don’t hold it against us!  There is no question that wakeskating has proven itself to be the evolution of water sports as we know it.  There is so much that has come to fruition and become reality for simply going out and having fun on a wakeskate; proving that progression exists and is alive and well across many communities on this place we call earth.  This project is being put together out of passion for what we do as the wakeskate community.  I can honestly say that the wakeskating community is something special, unique, and unlike anything else I have ever experienced, a brotherhood if you will.  The friendships, commroderie, drive, vision, and smiles that keep us moving day to day to stay on our board and express ourselves as individuals is what this is all about.  It’s fun and it’s fuel for the soul, no one can deny that.  The rawest form of wakeskating will be brought to you by BLAST and “you”, the wakeskate community, as we embrace progression and development of riding near and far.  After all, this is what we live for and this is who we are.

The warmer months are just around the corner and we want to have a premiere issue finished up as soon as possible.  We’ve spent the last few months designing and building, sorry it’s taken so long, but we’ve finally made it to you.  Check back for updated information about the magazine and  site revisions, this is still a work in progress, and we thank you for supporting rider owned and/or operated.  The way it should be…

Now let’s go have some fun!