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Progression in motion…

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Well, here we are… Fashionably late as you could imagine, hey we’re wakeskaters too…Please don’t hold it against us!  There is no question that wakeskating has proven itself to be the evolution of water sports as we know it.  There is so much that has come to fruition and become reality for simply going out and having fun on a wakeskate; proving that progression exists and is alive and well across many communities on this place we call earth.  This project is being put together out of passion for what we do as the wakeskate community.  I can honestly say that the wakeskating community is something special, unique, and unlike anything else I have ever experienced, a brotherhood if you will.  The friendships, commroderie, drive, vision, and smiles that keep us moving day to day to stay on our board and express ourselves as individuals is what this is all about.  It’s fun and it’s fuel for the soul, no one can deny that.  The rawest form of wakeskating will be brought to you by BLAST and “you”, the wakeskate community, as we embrace progression and development of riding near and far.  After all, this is what we live for and this is who we are.

The warmer months are just around the corner and we want to have a premiere issue finished up as soon as possible.  We’ve spent the last few months designing and building, sorry it’s taken so long, but we’ve finally made it to you.  Check back for updated information about the magazine and  site revisions, this is still a work in progress, and we thank you for supporting rider owned and/or operated.  The way it should be…

Now let’s go have some fun!


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  1. Mitchell says:

    Rock and Roll!